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Savings Accounts

Regular Share Account

Opening a Regular Share Account establishes your credit union membership.  With a $50.00 initial deposit you become a member/owner of the credit union.  The $50.00 is the minimum balance requirement and remains in your account at all times to continue your membership.

There is No investment term with our Regular Share Account, No monthly fees, and dividends* are tiered based on your balance.

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Secondary Share Account

If you are saving for a special occasion or just want to separate some of your savings for a certain purpose, our Secondary Share Account may be just what you need.  There is a $5.00 minimum balance to keep the account open, No monthly fees, and it earns a dividend* (see the rate table).

We also offer an Impound Share Account for those of you that would like to save separately for your property taxes and insurance premiums.  There is No minimum balance, No monthly fees, and it earns a dividend*.

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*Dividends are compounded quarterly and are calculated using the average daily balance method as outlined in our Truth-In- Savings Disclosure provided upon account opening.