Life on the USS Neptune ARC-2
By Jerry Search
Page 2

Quarterdeck watch in 
Alameda, California.

Me in San Diego.

Keeping busy chipping paint
(nothing else to do!!)

Porthole underwater during heavy seas.  I called this thing the washing machine, since it reminded me of a front loading washer.

Sorting the ever prized mail.

Outgoing mail (film for developing)

"Seaman Trott" (ongoing joke).  Jim Trott, aka: Fig.

This was long hair for the 
Navy in 1970!

(me) relaxing after another fine meal, with the "filler": Tang, Ritz Crackers, and Cheeze Whiz.
Thank god for the Ship's Store!

Cleaning encrusted sea life 
from shallow-laid cable in the Bearing Sea.

The temperature here (near Guam) is right about 95-98 degrees.
So was the humidity.

Cable ops at night.  Marker buoy is being readied for release.

Cable ops.  Several minutes after this picture was taken, the cable you see here parted due to rough seas.

Doug Schirner trying to make do in the heat as he writes home.  The ship had air conditioning, but, of course, it failed as soon as we arrived in the tropics.

A group of guys who could be right out of Central Casting!

Standing watch on the bridge (pilot house), with my puny (young) attempt at a beard!  There was no CIC on the Neptune, the Radar guys worked on the bridge, sharing duties with Quartermasters and others.

A panoramic shot of the pilot house, looking to the port and aft. 
This is actually 2 pictures seamed together, 
as 1970 was long before the now common panoramic cameras
Note that when you look at the full size photo, it will not fit on your screen, and you will have to pan back and forth. 

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