Life on the USS Neptune ARC-2
By Jerry Search,*
Just some pictures from my fun (?) days on the Neptune,
Late 1969 to early 1971, as a Radarman 3rd Class ("RD3")
Notes: This page will be under development for some time.
A few (that's all there are) Neptune links below.
All photos by myself, except the one directly below.
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The USS Neptune at sea.
Photo by and courtesy of Ramon Jackson
Click here to see Neptune before and after the 1982 "Modernization".
In early 2006, the USS Neptune was scrapped in Brownsville, Texas.
Note:  This website will soon be completely redone, with new scans that are clearer and larger!  Some new photos as well!
I'm hoping to have it complete sometime in the Spring of 2011.

This website is best viewed with screen settings of 800X600 and True Color.
These pictures were originally taken as slides, and some of them are a bit dingy because I cannot find
the original slide to reprint them.  Most of the others are new reprints.
{Click} on an thumbnail image for a larger size photo.

Entering port, Sasebo, Japan

Bearing Sea, Aleutian Islands

Heavy Roll, somewhere 
in the Bearing Sea.

Approaching the Golden Gate,
as Neptune heads for sea.

Entering port, Yokuska, Japan

Another day in the Aleutians.

San Diego (North Island)

San Diego

San Diego
Sunsets (and sunrises). Believe it or not, we got tired of these, 
as they happen almost every night (and morning) at sea!

North Island, San Diego.
One of the "dingy" prints made 
30 years ago and who's original slide I can't find.

One of our "work boats" off to get mail in Adak, Alaska.  We were only about 20 miles out, but these guys almost didn't make it back, due to worsening weather.

Workboat underway, somewhere near Guam, as indicated by the dress of the guys aboard.  This slide was a copy of another guy's slide that I made myself.
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